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The criterion for admission to an MBA program

An MBA program can help propel your career forward. In fact, the MBA programs are now one of the most sought after in all the universities the wide world over. The admission criteria have grown more stringent in tandem. Besides the academic transcripts, entrance exam scores, C.V/resume, and letters of recommendations, prospective studies must now write an MBA admission essay that must be well designed. In fact, some programs accept applicants based on work experience and how well they write an MBA essay. Other top-tier programs (Harvard comes to mind?) will be more stringent. To put your best foot forward, you must demonstrate genuine talents, a wide variety of skills, accomplishments, and aspirations that mirrors the depth and breadth of the demands placed on managers by a competitive and globalized business milieu. Whereas there are the basic degree requirements, standard tests, personal interviews, and recommendations, the MBA application essay you write counts a lot on the decision whether you will get that admission or not.

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An individual applying for an MBA program has presumably been on the thick and thin of the academic and professional world. The final leap to maximizing on the repertoire of experiences is of course the MBA program. Here, you get to interact with the best brains, learn from field-based case studies, case method courses, and interact with the most current literature on leadership and management. Of course, the demands are just as intense, as you strive to attain all the powers to read, lead, and be practical in the real business world. This journey will start with a well written MBA application essay.

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